Restoration of the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Castel Guelfo Bologna

The restoration has concerned the entire interior of the church, from the cleaning of fake marble and gilded  decorations of the four altars to the sculptures, the columns and the walls. Some previous maintenance interventions had caused the blurring of the original aspect. Every detail had been cleaned, consolidated and when necessary reconsturucted. Another phase of the intervention have interested the recovery of the walls surfaces, that had suffered the rising of the damp and conseguently of the mold and the salt. Thanks to the preliminary tests conducted we could identify the original colors, and with the supervision of Superintendence of cultural heritage of Bologna we could remake the ancient lime-colours of the walls.

This intervention has been realized by Sos Art di Cralotta Scardovi  and Etruria di Tamara Dal Fiume with the collaboration of the restorers Chiara Ghelardini e Flora Tondolo.

Presentation of the restoration of CastelGuelfo Church

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